IKEA wardrobe hack with romantic DIY rattan doors

DIY rattan wardrobe doors hack

The IKEA SUNDVIK is a sturdy wardrobe made out of solid pine. The style is traditional, timeless and just the right size for a hallway, next to our shoe rack.

We wanted to use it as a coat rack but needed it to look less like a wardrobe and more like a cabinet. Adding rattan to the wardrobe doors was the solution.

IKEA SUNDVIK wardrobe with DIY rattan doors

IKEA items used:  

Other materials and tools: 

  • 6.5 meters of thin wooden trim about 1.5-2 cm wide
  • Paint of your choosing
  • Rattan 1 meter times 0.75 meter
  • Sandpaper
  • Brushes etc. for painting
  • Normal tools for building the ikea furniture
  • A drill and drill bit about 0.6 cm diameter
  • Wood glue
  • Saw
  • Clamp, as many as you have

IKEA SUNDVIK wardrobe with DIY rattan doors 

1. Build the closet following the instructions EXCEPT the drawer and doors. Also if you want to move the coat hanger up as I did, also skip the steps about the shelf.  

2. I cut out the middle section of the doors and drawer front with a regular saw. You only need to cut the part that pops up, leaving about 1.5 cm left between the thick wood of the doors and the thin wood.

3. Cut the wooden trim to fit the holes of the door. A mitre box is very helpful for this.

IKEA SUNDVIK wardrobe with DIY rattan doors

4. Sandpaper, dry down and paint the wardrobe. I painted both the doors and the closet frame. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

5. Soak the rattan for half an hour, and dry it swiftly with a towel. Next, cut the rattan to fit on the doors and drawers closely. 

6. Use the glue and clamp to glue the rattan to the door, and the trim on top. Let it dry for about 24 hours. If you don’t have clamps enough for all 4 sides, you can spray water before stretching the rattan out for the next side. When the rattan dries, it becomes tighter. 

7. When all doors and drawer front have rattan and trim, put the doors on the wardrobe following the IKEA instruction. 

Repositioning the clothes rail higher

8.  If you wanted to move the coat-hanger drill two holes on the top of the wardrobe, with the same placement as the shelf would have.  

Tip! We watched DIY videos for attaching rattan to wardrobe doors, as it can be difficult. Our hack was inspired by this one from LustLiving. Her video (scroll down to view) was also a good instruction guide for the doors.

~ by Maria Goncalves Møller

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