ANTONIUS shoe storage

Antonius 5-763021

Materials: 2 ANTONIUS frames, spray colors, planks of old wooden cases

Description: I was looking for a plain solution to store our shoes. So I made this Hack.

1.If you like spray the 8 ANTONIUS connecting pieces (4 per frame). Sand them slightly before (fine abrasive paper) and cover the corner fittings with masking tape. I chose neon colors because the effect works great on the white powder coating. (Here I was inspired by the amazing hack “Unalibreria” – Elia Maurizi / Francesco Pepa).

2.When assembling the frame make sure that the position of one side rail per frame is reversed (see my manual picture).


Antonius 2-758701
Antonius 3 Kopie-760969

3.Shelves: Planks must have a length of 43,5 cm. I chose planks of old wooden wine and fruit cases. They are relatively cheap to purchase (4 Euro per case, I bought 8). But you can also use anything else you might prefer or get cheap (pallets or something). Dismantling cases and cut the planks.

4.The rest was a little bit tricky because the Antonius guide rail is very small (6 mm) and thickness of my planks 12 mm. I thought that wood of 6 mm thickness or less may bend through. So I cut planks at the ends and used a chisel to narrow the edges (tedious work! pros use a milling machine). My planks had various widths, so I tried for the right shelf width.

~ Micha, Oldenburg, Germany


Jules Yap