Change table into 2 useful tables for growing kids

DSC_0025 700-723745

Materials: Sniglar change table, Mala drawing paper, curtain rod and attachments, screws, moulding

Description: With my eldest now out of nappies, we no longer needed two change tables. We did need to expand our activity and craft space, so I made a craft and a low table.

1. Flip the upper shelf of the change table and also flip the surface of the shelf so the white is up.

Remove all leg dowels. The bolt hole on the legs will need to drilled a centimeter up as the bolts are not centred.

Secure the legs again with the bolt and add another screw on each leg for stability if you want to.

DSC_0034 700-720180

2. Cut off the legs at the top of the lower shelf.

3. Add curtain rod underneath and hang your paper roll.

4. Add moulding, with spacers as paper guide/cutter.

Happy craft time!

~ Ande, Adelaide