Mid Century Modern Doll Furniture Chair and Coffee Table


Materials: 8″ and 5″ Blanda Matt Bowls, Tolsby picture frame base, 4 disposable wooden chopsticks (preferable the round kind), foam board

Description: To make the chair:

Step 1: Take the round base of the Tolsby picture frame and position the 8″ Blanda Matt Bowl on its side at an approximate 75degree angle on top of the white base.

Step 2: Make a mark on where the white base will be glued to the bowl.

Step 3: Use hot glue to stick the base.

*Make a cushion for the chair if you want.




To make the table:

Step 1: cut a 10.5dia circle from the foam board. Glue it inside the 5″ Blanda Matt bowl.

*Cover the foam board with decorative paper if you want. I used a silver contact paper.

Step 2: measure 1″ from the tapered tip of all 4 chopsticks. Cut and superglue them at the bottom of the 5″ bowl for table legs. I have mine spaced around 1″ away from the IKEA logo at the bottom of the bowl.

Lene Dragon, United States