PAX wardrobe jewelry organizer


Materials: PAX wardrobe, KOMPLEMENT drawers and sliding hangers, wood and hardware

Description: I have a small bedroom with no closets (removed to enlarge the bathroom) a pink carpet, and wonky walls. I needed to be able to fit an office space, a wardrobe and a bed with nightstands. I was able to make it work by hacking Ikea furniture. For the wardrobe situation I bought and customized a PAX wardrobe. For some reason Ikea decided to discontinue quite a lot of PAX interior accessories but I needed a jewelry drawer. So I bought some pine wood from Homedepot. Cut and stained a dark rich walnut.

Then I bought one KOMPLEMENT Multi-use Pull out Hanger, and used the rails. I glue d the rails to the back of the wood pieces (making sure I would have enough space when pulled out on either side to have clear access to the screw holes for the PAX wardrobe. I added oil rubbed bronze hooks and I am using one to hang belts (in another PAX cabinet) and with the other I added even more stainless steel cup hooks and I am using it for hanging necklaces. I added some cheap Michaels’€™ art prints above the pull out for color.


I bought a glass KOMPLEMENT Shelf and placed it over the top drawer, and then I added side rails (to be stained) and bought a butler’s tray from Amazon that fits right into the drawers to provide addition storage and take advantage of the deep drawers. I covered the bottom of the drawer with the same wallpaper I used for the back and then arranged some empty stationary and jewelry boxes to use as jewelry organizers.

It turned out great and with the lights on (I added a warm white strip led lights fromAmazon) I am able to see my jewelry through the glass without pulling out the drawer. Hope someone found this useful.

~ Dee, Pennsylvania, USA