Turn your EXPEDIT 5×5 into a TV-Center


Materials: Expedit, Wood, Saw

Description: I think this is a first time Expedit to TV-Center conversion, and I’m doing it a little different from IKEA.

First off, I chose the 2nd and 3rd row from the bottom for my TV as it is a better height for viewing from a sofa.

Secondly I wanted to keep my 5×5 Expedit as a room divider so it had to also be nice from the back.

Here’s what I did.

You need to buy exactly one piece of wood or chipboard, preferably in the color of your 5×5 Expedit.


Measure the inside borders of two rows and three columns including the dividing elements. That’s the size of your back wall behind the TV.

Then you’re ready to take the whole thing apart. Make sure to sort it nicely, so you know where everything belongs when you start the sawing.

I’ll number the elements here:

/  /  /  /  /  /
/  /  /  /  /  /
/  /  2 3  / /
——————— Line A
/  / 4 5  / /
/  / 6 7 8 / / Number 7 will replace number 6 & 8

Ok, so you’ll measure how deep your TV is. Add the thickness of the backplate you bought and voila, that’s how much you have to remove from No. 2+3+4+5.

Now you’ll have to remove the same amount from “Line A” and for the width you’ll take the width of the backplate you bought.

I also replaced No. 6 and 8 with No. 7 so there are two spaces for DVD-Players etc. I also took what I removed from “Line A” and used it as a board to right there (you can see it in the photos)

I won’t describe how you’ll exactly do all of it, but that’s the general idea and it’s working.

I would recommend using a fine saw if you have one.

Have fun building your own Expedit entertainment center!

~ Jonathan L., Germany


Jules Yap