Hackers help: Galant/Lack desk?

Lack TV unit top board – 149x55cm (58 5/8×21 5/8″); Galant frame – 120x40cm (47 1/4×15 3/4″); 4 Galant A-legs

Description: Hey fellow Hackers! Although I’ve been a lurker for a long time, I’m not really much of a crafts-person so I lack basic knowledge about DIY. I need a new desk and budget is really limited, but it has to be sturdy enough to support 20-30kg (45-65 lb) without bending, and it can’t bounce around if I shake it one way to another – this will be my workspace and I’ll spend most of my time around it.
I came up with this solution:
– Get a Galant frame and A-legs
– Disassemble an old Lack TV unit I had in the attic and take the top board.
– Attach the Lack top board to the Galant frame.

I’m already at the third step.
The thing is this board is made out of honeycomb so I can’t tell if it would be sturdy enough.
I also have no idea what screws or bolts I’m supposed to get, and how deep I’m supposed to drill into the table top without compromising its integrity.
Are there any tips you guys can share with me? Is what I’m trying to do even possible?

Really appreciate your attention!

~ Ana, Portugal

Jules Yap