Ikea Lasse Desk with Bookcase to Standing & Sitting Desk for ~$100

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  • Lasse Desk with bookcase (201.980.62 – $75)
  • Vika Kaj adjustible leg (601.053.01 – $15)
  • 2 x Shelf Brackets (Hardware store – $5)
  • 2 x “L” Brackets (Hardware store – $2)

A versatile and compact standing and sitting desk for about $100 using a modified Lasse Desk with Bookcase and an adjustable table leg.  Inspired by this Expedit Standing Desk hack, but better suited as a standing desk for shorter people (I’m 5″10″)


1 . Assemble shelving unit.  I opted to leave out the back piece for the shelves.  This slightly reduces stability of the unit but once the desk is stabilized.  Make sure to install the top shelf at its lowest setting – this will line up almost perfectly with standing desk surface:

2. Assemble desk but leave the sliding drawer and right vertical leg/side off.  The desktop is now the right (or left depending on which way it will be placed in the room).  Drill holes in the bottom of the new  for the plastic feet that are supposed to be installed on the base of the desk and install them on the bottom of the long desktop that is now the acting as the leg.

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3. Line up the desk so that the left leg rests against the shelf and what was the desktop is now the right leg.  Drill the small L brackets into the front of the shelf and the bottom of the desktop for support.

photo 1_1

4. Install the drawer on the right side under the new desktop.  This requires measuring for the drawer support and drilling (carefully) as the the new desktop is hollow and you don’t want to drill through the tip.  Be sure to check all measurements twice, mine was a bit off so drawer side is a bit crooked however drawer still works.  I added a 3rd L bracket on the inside of the drawer support for stability but this could be optional.

photo 2_2

5. Measure desired sitting desk height (I went with 28″) and install 2 larger shelf brackets to support the sitting desktop.  Install the Vika Kaj adjustable leg for additional support.

photo 3_2 photo 4_2


  1. If you need additional height for your monitor, you could build a basic monitor shelf.  I splurged on a Vivo Laptop & LCD Monitor mount and stand which brings my monitor up to eye level and allows me to use my laptop comfortably as a second display.  This stand also lets me easily swing my monitor over to the sitting portion of the desk if necessary.
  2. You can also install an Ikea Signum cable management tray which fits perfectly under the new desktop.  I did not as it interferes with the mounting screw for the Vivo stand I’m using.
  3. Have additional shelves cut from plywood or birch melamine (11″ x 17-5/16″) and pickup either additional shelf supports from Ikea’s parts department or a hardware store.  Ikea will not sell additional Lasse shelves separately.

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~ Josh Newman, Toronto Canada: @3rdparty / joshnewman.com

Josh N