Ikea Moppe Hack


Materials: Moppe, old stool legs, yarn, power drill, 4 screws, drill bit, needle

Description: I think every body has a storage system like Moppe at home. It’s like the Billy. I had mine now for – let me think – 7 years. Oh my. I painted one of the drawers red(-ish) back then to make it more fitting to the desk it sat on. But know it gets a make-over and definitely more purpose in life.

1. Draw with the chalk arrows on the mini chest. The chalk gives you the opportunity to draft and delete as you go along.

2. Take the drawers out of the chest and drill holes in the ends of each line and in the joints of the arrow.



3. Then you just need to stitch the lines. I made a little knot so it doesn’t pull through and wrapped the ends of the yarn around one of the lines in the back to fix it afterwards.

4. Attach the stool legs to the bottom of the mini chest with the 4 screws. Make sure that the screws don’€™t go through the wood or you won’t be able to insert the drawers afterwards.

See more of the Moppe storage.

~ Sarah, Vienna, Austria