Domino does a PAX hack



Domino‘s resident DIY expert — Jenny Komenda transforms the PAX wardrobe into a custom wardrobe and vanity in 6 steps.

1. Paint it! Using a miniroller, apply Zinsser’s shellac-based primer, followed by the topcoat of your choice. For this project, she used Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray, a dark, moody blue-gray with plenty of green undertones.

2. Add trim. She added dentil trim to the top of the PAX wardrobes. Small detail, big difference.


3. Mirror mirror. The Bergsbo–style doors prove the perfect space for mirrors. Get mirrors cut by a glass shop and stick them on with mirror glue.


4. Luxe it. Hardware can give the PAX a whole new look. Like these chunky pulls, spray–painted gold.



5. Inner beauty. Wallpapering the interior surfaces covers the many holes for the adjustables shelves (which makes the whole set-up look cheap). She used a roll of grass cloth from Lowe’s and painted it the same color (Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Gray).

6. Create your vanity. Install one of the PAX shelves at counter height to serve as your vanity. She also made a necklace organizer from 40 small brass hooks affixed to a scrap piece of wood.



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