Expedit into console table


Materials: Expedit

Description: We were redoing our playroom area, and my wife has a semi-pro hair station set up using some recycled furniture. The overall aim is to install some Besta cabinets up above, to get the storage up off the ground (and away from little fingers). However, we had a console table that was sitting in front of the mirror that was simply too large for the space.


I took an older Expedit 2×4 and removed one lower side (the side with the 4 long bolts).
Then I removed the lower smaller divider and cut the dowel pins in half, and then slid (hammered) them back in so that the long divider was still connected to the remaining upper divider.
I used some L-shaped decorative chair braces to provide additional support to the long divider.
I installed the Expedit drawer unit (in black) with some FÅGLEBODA handles instead of the included “nubby” ones.
Applying the adhesive pads to bottom of the unit allows it to slide on the floor without scratching.

I will probably apply some proper “feet” to it later to bring it up to a better height (maybe 2″ higher) but for now it’s pretty good. Wife likes it so that’s the main thing!