Baby Changing Tables turned Kitchen Counter

Moving is a big pain, especially when there is a weird space under your kitchen cabinets that have no storage, and you have more kitchen gadgets then you have clothing…the dilemma my roommate and I had  in our new Apartment. The strange heater location was the reason this space existed but we were determined to find something that would fit and not break the bank.

On a trip to Ikea, on a mad hunt to find a kitchen island under $150 that fit the space, I was on the verge of giving up my dream of a cheap solution…until I walked through the baby section.  It turns out baby changing tables have shelves and are the perfect kitchen counter height.

I ended up purchasing two SNIGLAR Changing tables for $30 a pop, and three LÄMPLIG Chopping boards for $10 each and creating the perfect counter top! With the addition of some $2 hinges from Home Depot and an old over the door hanging rack the new counter top and storage was complete, and the perfect addition to our new kitchen! Plus, it only set us back just under $100.

kitchen 1 kitchen 2 kitchen 3 kitchen 4 open