All in 1 bed for kid


Materials: 1 Expedit shelving unit, 2 Expedit Cubes, 1 Pax, 1 Billy + height extension unit

Description: My 3 years old son needed a big bed, but he’s got a very small room. I have to find something to store toys, books and clothes, and I’ve found the idea on Ikeahackers here.

Step 1 : Put up the bookcase Billy, with the height extension unit. (40cmx236cm)

Step 2 :Put up the wardrobe Pax (50cm x 236cm)

Step 3 : Assemble the wardrobe and the bookcase together. The bookcase is behind the wardrobe. Use 2 bolts, one at the top, and one at the bottom. Fix it to the wall.

bed2 bed3 bed4 bed5

Step 4 : Put the 3 Expedit shelving unit up and put them on the floor. The big one on the front, the 2 cubes on the back.

Step 5: Fix the bed base on the expedit with 4 bolts. They must be 12cm long.

Finish !

My son wanted a pink bed, but I didn’t want to paint all the furnitures, so I’ve put a big pink sticker on the side of wardrobe. And I’ve put a curtain on the front of the wardrobe. I took Vitaminer, cut it in 2 pieces. One for the wardrobe, the other for the window.

Now, my son loves his new bedroom !

~ Coralie, France