KNUFF Cabinet Door Bins


Materials: KNUFF magazine holder

Description: We were tired of having our bottles cooking oils, vinegars, etc. up on the counter-top where they were occupying valuable prep space, so I took a set of KNUFF Magazine Files that I had laying around and made them into bins to hold the bottles. They’re screwed into the back of the cabinet doors adjacent to the stove for easy access.




I sawed about half-way around so that they would be lower in the front (for easier access to their contents). I also added the (odd-sized due to some trial-and-error with my drill bits) holes in the front partly for airflow and style but mainly so that I could get a driver in there to screw the bins onto the back of the cabinet doors. I mounted them high on the doors for easier reach and also so they would impact the space inside of the cabinets less. I finished them minimally with Varathane.

I realize that there are plenty of ready-made options for this same purpose, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy something when I knew that I had these surplus parts. Plus, I like the personal touch and the look of the dovetailed plywood, something that is difficult to find off-the-shelf.