Cheap but eye-catching DIY baby changing unit

I made another hack. This time it’s a cheap baby changing unit. We made it out of 4 IKEA LACK side tables in high gloss yellow.

Lack side table
  • LACK side table x 4
  • LINNMON table top x 1
  • BROGRUND towel rail x 1
  • KLÄMIG babycare mat x 1
  • VÄDRA babycare mat and cover x 1
  • ÖNSKLIG storage basket x 1
  • Spare hardboard from a previous BILLY project
  • Duct tape
  • Screws
  • Right angle brackets
  • Bits of wood
  • Saw
  • Screwdriver etc. for woodworking

How we hacked our baby changing unit:

Bolt the IKEA LACK tables together with right angle brackets. Then, use more brackets to support the middle shelf (LINNMON table top). This adds strength to the whole unit.

There are some longer sticks of wood at the back of the unit joining the upper and lower tables, which are then out of sight once it is against a wall.

Attach BROGRUND towel rail to one end of the baby changing unit.

Optional bits are the door covers for the lower section, and shallow drawers which were very fiddly and I can’t recommend bothering with.

The hardboard surround is optional too – our antenatal advisor warned us of “poonami” moments, so this was added to avoid any leakages going down the wall!

Last job is to decide whether to use the shelves as they are or to find some storage boxes.

See my other hack which is a BILLY wrapped around our spare room.

~ by Nigel

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baby changing table

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