Faktum & Pax turned into an office


As we have a really small office of only 9m2 and it had to have the function of two workplaces + wardrobe (as there is no space to hang our jackets and coats in the hallway), I had to think of a solution with the most storage space and a large workdesk, big enough for both of our computers and also good for my handcrafting.

After running up and down IKEA departments to see which type of series would fit into my plan I found the perfect solution with a PAX wardrobe with glossy white FARDAL doors combined with FAKTUM kitchen wall cabinets with glossy white ABSTRAKT doors. FARDAL and ABSTRAKT are made by different producers (I have been told) but you can hardly tell the difference in the white.

I wasn’t too sure about the worktop, which colour to choose to go with the glossy white. But then I bumped into a slightly scratched NUMERÄR worktop in white/aluminium which was reduced to 19€. As I had to cut the worktop shorter anyway, the damaged bit would be gone… so my question has been answered by about 60€ saving. 😉

IMG_0030s IMG_0028s IMG_0027s IMG_0029s

I also scored a GALANT drawer unit in the bargain corner which was reduced to 49€ for a small scratch at the back which would not be seen under the worktop anyway.

The only challenge was the last bookshelf on the left which I had to build custom sized as the measurements of the room required it. I bought a few single PAX boards and shelves and a box full of spare screws and bits – also in the bargain corner. I went to my local DIY store, had the boards and shelves cut to size and built the bottom and top shelf just the same way all the IKEA cupboards and cabinets are built.

For illumination I went for 6 GRUNDTAL spotlights in silver. The icing on the cake is the walnut brown backwall over the worktop which i also got from the DIY store.

Of course I had to stick to the swedes when it came to picking chairs, so two white JULES swivel chairs are finishing off my IKEA-office-hack.

Jules Yap