Micke server unit


Since I was looking for a new neat and tidy server setup I took some measurements of my hardware, went to the local Ikea and started measuring.

I soon found the Micke desk cabinet and figured that I could achieve my goal just by skipping some steps in the build process.

hack2 hack3

1) When putting in the drawers you can only use the top two points.
measure the height of your equipment and decide if you want one large drawer or two small ones.

2) Don’t insert the back plate when installing the top.

3) I decided to use one large drawer and because I wanted to route some cabling I decided to use the back plate of a small drawer.
Just put the drawer together as normal but when doing the backing plate re-drill the hole attaching the sides to the back plate.

4) Snap or saw one of the spare drawer bottoms in half to create a platform on top of the drawer for a router or other equipment.

5) Use small long screws to hang any light equipment (wifi access-points etc) from the sides, and I found that attatching a power strip to the inside can be done with zipties and drilling a hole in the side for the ziptie to go trough.