BESTA Computer


Here is a project that I finally materialized. Put my computer in a BESTA shelf. I’ve never done it before because I was always afraid of heat problem. You cannot put a computer in a closed wood box without a minimum precaution.

First one thing to know is that my computer is a passive computer (except my graphics card that I added later). It is composed of element that emit little heat and will not need to be ventilated. It needs radiators but no fans. I added a fan at the back of the shelf when I added my graphic card for gaming. I admit the fan do a lot. Even if my computer don’t need a fan I can feel the difference when I use it.

WP_20140130_017 WP_20140130_013 WP_20140130_010 WP_20131128_001 WP_20131128_006

On picture you can see my computer in its metal case, on the BESTA wood board, in the shelf and how I screwed it onto the board.

Buy ventilation fans.

Jules Yap