Radiator Cover from Billy bookcase


Materials: BILLY bookcase

I’ve been looking for ages for a smart radiator cover for my hall. This design perhaps cuts down on the efficiency of the radiator, but the look is just what I wanted. I designed it to contain some useful shelves, but it could be made narrower by cutting away the rear of the panels and doing away with any shelves.

20140311_110620 20140311_110653 20140311_110709 20140311_110753

I bought a secondhand tall billy bookcase from ebay for £15 (as opposed to £55 new), so it was already assembled. I took the back board off then cut off the top of the carcass 30mm above the middle fixed shelf. I retained one of the cut-off sides (this was used for the top covering shelf of my cupboard).

Next, I needed to create an airflow through the item. So I used a jigsaw to cut part of the front kickplate away, trimmed the shelves to allow the radiator to sit inside the cupboard and again cut a curve on the top undershelf. See pics 653 and 709.

I used the spare dowels from the rejected part of the tall bookcase to fit the top shelf (with a 10mm front overhang and 20mm side overhang). There was a small gap at the back of the shelf to allow further airflow.

Lastly, I fitted the doors (bought new for £70). I also fitted the cupboard to the wall with the brackets provided in the door kits to provide lateral and vertical stability. See pic 753.

There was no need to add any veneer anywhere as my cupboard is left-hand side-on to a wall. But the cut edge of the very top shelf is raw so would need to be covered if in view.

I am so pleased with it I haven’t stopped smiling yet and want to share it with your members.