Sultan Lade + Malm + Benno = changing table

Changing table

As soon as I heard that I’d be made an aunty again, I spotted this very clever hack, and got the parent’s green light to make it for their soon-to-be-born princess.

Because I wasn’t very inspired by what I found at the hardware store that day, I decided to hack this hack a little bit further…it’s no big deal, but it can come useful if one isn’t equipped for or doesn’t want to have a lot a cutting and sawing.

So I bought a 80cm wide Sultan Lade (they also come in 70 and 90cm sizes), and removed all the staples.

I chose 10 boards of  for the bottom, 3 for the sides and the back. The boards chosen for the sides had to be shorten to 68 cm (+2 cm of back board, it makes a 80×70 cm changing table…it could even be used for twins ;o) ).


I then drilled holes on the bottom boards and the back board. I made sure to have the screws totally embedded by using a special drill (see photo) so that the head would fit in and wouldn’t scratch the top of the Malm (one day, there won’t be any need for the changing table any more and the top will be visible again…). I made sure to prepare it on a way that the sides with staple marks would face down.



changing table

With 2 layers of  varnish, and the same procedure to put it all together as in the original hack, the changing table is now ready for my niece…I’m counting the days !!!!