Q: Can I turn a MYDAL into a KURA bunk bed?

My name is Melissa and I’m based in Canada, where the KURA reversible bed is now discontinued, to my chagrin!

I wanted to use the KURA for a twin bed for a 3 year old, as it allowed me to put the mattress on the floor, all while creating a nice little nook look, like many others have done before.


Does anyone know if the IKEA MYDAL bunk bed can be hacked to be flipped and thus be used in the same way as the KURA, allowing for a mattress on the floor, and offer a similar look to the KURA?

Or is there another IKEA product that could achieve this?

Thank you for your help!



Hi Melissa

The KURA discontinued in Canada?! How can they do that? It is by far one of the most popular, hackable kids bed ever.

The MYDAL is similar in many ways — made of solid pine, more or less the same dimensions. As I see it, MYDAL is the taller, gawky cousin of cute KURA. But given the right treatment, it can shine just as well.

Converting IKEA MYDAL to KURA

Firstly, good news for you. Converting a MYDAL into KURA has been done before! See how it’s done.

KURA bed conversion from MYDAL

Though commonly done with the KURA, it is not recommended to place a mattress directly on the floor. Mattresses need proper aeration to disperse trapped moisture and heat.

If you rather not have the mattress rest directly on the floor, I would suggest cutting only the legs off the MYDAL. And retain the lower bunk and slats. The overall structure will also be sturdier, compared to the complete removal of the lower bunk.

IKEA MYDAL cut legs

Like this MYDAL Playhouse hack. The lower bunk looks really cozy and just the right height for toddler legs.

IKEA MYDAL playhouse
IKEA MYDAL playhouse

Making a nook

You can also consider adding curtains or wood panels if you prefer a closed up nook. As your child grows older and is ready to move on up, the bottom bunk can be easily converted into a play area. Like so.


So yes, the MYDAL can salvage your kids room goals. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Happy hacking,


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