Upgrading BESTA with Nordic-DIY-design lighting, glass panels & oak top


Materials: BESTA

The only good thing about BESTA are the glossy white doors. The sides have that typical IKEA look, which for me was a no-no. I’ve upgraded the sides with glass (think: white iphone 4 backside) and attached it with double-sided tape.

Next I had a local carpenter make an oak slab with whitewash-wax applied to it which now finishes the top.


Lastly I DIY-ed 2 light fixtures. I drilled a hole in the bottom of the hanging BESTA’s and hid all the wiring through the backsides. I placed an extra shelf in the BESTA and cut-out room for the wiring to create a ‘fake’ bottom.

The lights are made with Normann tea strainers. They match our accessories and are easily transformed into light fixtures (see pictures). I recommend to only use LED-lights because of the heat.