Utter Utby kitchen


Materials:  2 UTBY table racks, IKEA appliances, IKEA kitchen cabinets

I wanted a kitchen with free space underneath, so it would not be so big and massive
Find some one, tailor-make it …expensive
And: I really like IKEA a lot, a long time already.


1. took two UTBY tables (this size no longer in the collection), stainless steel.
Made one wider and the other smaller, so it would fit the cabinets
In front I used new steel bars, so no ugly connections

2. Took the planks, to make the sides…

3. Between the two, I put the dishwasher (special model, not so high as standard, so there also is room underneath)


4. Cut the head off IKEA kitchen cabinets.

5. Put the whole thing together..

6. And yes: wider meant: weaker, so after a couple of months, things started to bend…had to strengthen a bit more underneath…

7 . I used many other Ikea stuff of course for the rest of the kitchen.

Only the blade is old fashioned ( new made) terrazzo..and I found the IKEA extractor hoods too expensive., so that’s another brand too.