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Materials: STÄLL shoe cabinets (both the taller deeper 3-comparment one and the shorter and shallower 4-compartment one) plus EKBY JÄRPEN wall shelves and EKBY VALTER brackets

I wanted to put in a nice home bar in my living room, but have very little space, depth-wise. When I was looking through the IKEA store several months ago, and happened across a STÄLL shoe cabinet, inspiration struck!

The 4-compartment STÄLL shoe cabinet, at only 6 inches deep, is good for narrow bottles, even very tall ones. In the photo showing an open compartment, you can see the very tall bottle of St Germaine all the way at the right, for instance. The 3-compartment STÄLL shoe cabinet, at 12 inches deep, is good for handle-size bottles.

When assembling the STÄLL shoe cabinets, I omitted the feet entirely and instead rested the whole bottom of the cabinets directly on the floor, for stability. In the 3-compartment STÄLL, I also omitted the plastic middle separators inside each compartment (which would normally divide each compartment into two rows), to allow enough space for large bottles.

For the bar surface, I used EKBY JÄRPEN shelves and EKBY VALTER brackets, and screwed on some stemware racks to the bottom of a higher shelf for more storage.


Jules Yap