IVAR goes from Scandi to Chinoiserie Cabinet

I recently made a chinoiserie cabinet out of the IKEA IVAR wooden cabinet. It’s an eye-catching storage sideboard which opens up into a home bar cabinet.

IVAR chinoiserie cabinet

  • 20″ deep IVAR cabinet
  • Two 20″ x 49″ IVAR side units
  • An extra 20″ deep shelf (in addition to the two that come in the cabinet)
  • Brass cabinet face plate
  • Red enamel paint
  • Polycrylic
  • Gold spray paint
  • Cove shaped trim
  • Mirror squares

Chinoiserie Cabinet instructions

I painted all the components with Valspar gloss cherry red enamel project paint (water based) followed by Minwax Polycrylic in gloss.

If you’ve got the patience for oil based lacquer more power to you! Then I assembled the IVAR per IKEA instructions and glued four mirror squares to the interior back surface.

IVAR goes chinoiserie

Then I cut two 6′ pieces of cove shaped trim into 10″ segments and glued them back to back with wood glue.

I painted these segments with gold spray paint and then glued them at 3″ intervals on one of the shelves to create a wine shelf where the bottles wouldn’t roll.

Then I installed a fabulous face plate from Chinese brass hardware, and stocked the chinoiserie cabinet bar! Party time!

~ by Kathleen Pridgen

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