The Angled-High Wall Unit


Materials: LERBERG Shelves (60×148 cm) dark grey

To create this modular full-height wall unit, comprises of the Bottom Half and the Top Half portion. The hack is basically the Top Half part. In the picture, we used eight units in total, with four units on the bottom, and four units on top.

Bottom Half:
1. Assemble the Lerberg shelf as per IKEA’s instructions.
2. Arrange side by side.

Top Half:
1. Assemble the Lerberg shelf in reverse; Turn the side frames upside down with now the smallest shelf on the bottom to the wide base on top.
2. Fasten the shelf accordingly, with the correct flat side up.
3. Drill the shelf to your wall aligning it to follow the bottom half.
4. You may need to cut off the leg accordingly, to fit your wall height. We used a handheld rotary tool with a cutting disc, to cut off the metal leg. Quite easy.

What we like about the Lerberg shelf is it’s angled elevation, with a gradating shelf depth. Basically, it’s a mirror of the bottom to create the top half units. This creates an interesting front and side elevation as opposed to a usually flat, boxy bookshelf. The dark gray metal finish and mesh shelving holds our architecture and design books, magazines and junk steady (and of course, cheap!), in a variety of depths on our wall. A nice industrial look as well. These shelves were actually recycled from an installation project by BandLab (our design company) back in 2011.

Hello, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!