Comic Book Storage Solution

Comic Book Storage Solution

Materials: 2 RAST Dressers

While comic long boxes do have a certain level of appeal, I wanted to do something for my husband’s birthday that displayed and organized his comic collection (or at least a relatively small part of it) in a more aesthetically pleasing way. After doing some research, I decided that I didn’t want to pay many hundreds of dollars for a pre-constructed comic solution, and that an IKEA hack would be much more satisfying.

I started by dyeing the unfinished pine, using dark brown RIT dye. When that turned the wood a brown with neon purple undertones (weird, I know), I used the yellowest wipe on stain I could find (Minwax, water-based, pine color) to mellow out the purple.



Instead of using the left and right sides of the typical RAST dresser, I went to Home Depot and got a 1″x12″x10′ common board, which Home Depot was kind enough to cut in half for me. Assuming five drawers, plus two inches at the top and three inches at the bottom of the dresser, this allowed 11″ per drawer for comic storage. Perfect, considering that comic books are 10.5″ tall.


I transferred the holes for the drawer slides and support pieces to the common board, allowing for 11″ between each of the slides, and drilled new holes for the slides using a 3/8″ drill bit (which of course, I didn’t have – back to Home Depot). I then followed IKEA’s picto directions to assemble the unit and the drawers.


I painted the knobs with carefully selected superhero emblems, sealed them, and attached them to each drawer. For dividers, I used the 8″-11″ mini tension rods, sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


Only thing I’d do differently: When I measured the 11″ per drawer, I did not take into account that the bottom of the drawer is not at the bottom of the drawer front. This keeps the comics from being able to stand straight up, since if they did, the bottom of the next drawer up would stop the drawer with comics from opening. Changing the dimensions from 1″x12″x60 to 1″x12″x66″ would fix this problem, giving each drawer 12″ of space.

~ Catherine Noyes

Jules Yap