White Glass Dry Eraser Board for $28


Materials: Malm 401.606.47 & Ribba 501.525.95

I was at Ikea picking up a few things and browsing when I ran across the MALM white glass dresser tops. I’ve been wanting a glass dry erase board but haven’t found the right items to build one until now.

I bought the 401.606.47 which 31 1/2″ x 18 7/8″. They have one shorter 15 3/4″ and one longer 63″ sizes. I also bought the RIBBA Picture Ledge 501.525.95 to use as a Dry Eraser pen tray and lower mount for the board.

photo 1 photo 2

The one modification I did to the RIBBA Picture Ledge was to cut a channel for the board to rest in when mounted on the wall. I cut a 1/8″ wide 1/4″ deep channel on my table saw.

Once the picture ledge was modified I mounted it to the wall then back the mounting screws out just enough to let the glass drop into the cut channel. For the top I used the mirror mounts from Lowes.

This one is for the kitchen, but the next one will be a longer horizontal one for my office.