Compact bedroom telly

bedroom tv 2


Materials: VETTRE

I recently had my apartment re-cabled with a new digital TV aerial and had an aerial point installed in the bedroom. I also go myself a nice big screen TV for the lounge which meant my old screen – Benq 21 inch, full HD with HDMI connection – was surplus. I had a spare Digital set-top box. I needed some speakers so bought a set of Creative T10 (AUD $41 from CPL West Melbourne). Perfectly adequate for a bedroom TV.


Now I was looking to house all that equipment. And I hit upon the VETTRE bedside table. I like powdered coated steel products. I was really impressed with the design when assembling it. Very clever. It comes with a built in hole in the bottom, designed for a phone charger but would also work for my purposes. I epoxied some strong magnets to the back of a power board and attached that to the rear wall. That made plugging in the sockets easier and only one power cord emerges from the cabinet. The cabinet itself was not altered in any way.

Everything fitted in easily enough and it works well. When not in use with the door closed it looks quite minimal and suitable for an occasional use TV in the bedroom.

Jules Yap