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Greetings fellow MPC lovers and haters. On today’s episode of Ikea Hackers, I will be going over an easy little twist on a crate digger’s staple…

The Ikea Expedit Bookshelf

This project doesn’t require too many outside tools minus a cordless drill and a 3/4in drill bit. (mostly everything you will need is in the bookshelf’s box)

I did the whole thing in about an hour an cost me a grand total of $130 USD.

Parts List: (All sourced from Ikea)

1. KALLAX 2X4 Bookshelf
2. Set of 4 4″ CAPITA Cabinet Legs
3. Set of 2 6″ CAPITA Counter Risers
4. 74″ LACK Well Shelf

OK, is everyone ready? (Cheers from the crowd)

Lets begin:

Step 1: Make sure you have the right stuff!

The well-known Ikea EXPEDIT line has been discontinued over the past year or so, and has been replaced by the KALLAX line of shelves. I have no personal preference, but I did hear EXPEDIT had an inherent design flaw. You will need the 2X4 tall shelf.

1 box

Step 2: We won’t be needing this! (sarcasm…) No, srsly, RTFM!!!

If you have half a brain, it should be very easy.

They are SUPER FRAGILE! Must be made of cheap Swedish wood…

3 Dowels

Step 3: Enjoy the magnificence of ya work son.

But this is where the FUN begins!!!

Let’s lay this big “sucker” on its side, and like my partna RichBoy said… “Throw some FEET on that bish!”

4 Product

Step 4: Install the 4″ CAPITA feet onto the side of your shelf.

The feet come with a nice size bracket and install by screwing them on. Seems easy enough…
Take note at where I placed the brackets for strength. Middle of the seams!

Remember the feet only come with 16 screws so 4 to a leg even though there are 6 holes per bracket.

FEET are done!

5 Feets
6 Mounts 7 Done Feet

Step 5: Now lets get funky with it… (Instagram Filter Alert)

Grab your Counter Risers and the Wall Shelf (you may want to grab a tape measure as well)

IIRC, the bookshelf is 58″ and the wall shelf is 74″. A little bit of simple maths and you too can have the correct offset for the sides.

Step 6: AFTER, marking and measuring…Drill the mount holes for your risers

I used the 3/4″ bit due to the thick bore of the riser bolts

8 Mods 9 Measure

Step 7: Remove the metal bracket that come with your wall shelf and toss it out the back window. (We won’t be needing it!) and use the tiny guide holes to guide where you want to mount the riser brackets.
Look close and you can see them.

10 Riser Mount 11 Mount Holes

Step 8: Dry fit your riser onto the side of the shelf.
MOST IMPORTANTLY…SECURE YA NUTZ!!! This can be done from the underside of your mount holes.

12 Secure Ya Nuts

Step 9: Bask in GLORIOUSNESS!!!

13 Finished Product 14 Testing

Step 10: Test sturdiness and add vinyl controllers and other tools

Step 11: Get busy y’all (Plays Pee-Wee Herman Dance by Joeski Love)