The KVISSLE adjustable coffee table: Don’t you wish IKEA really made this?

KVISSLE bordcopy

– Adjustable height
– Adjustable length
– 2 separate or 1 longer table
– Storage space

– KVISSLE magazine files, 4 pairs
– SVENERIK stools, 2 pieces
– Bolts, nuts and washers, 22 sets
– Extra washers, 10 pieces
– MDF boards, 2 pieces
– Carpet tape
– Screws, 8 pieces

IMG_9680copy IMG_9699copy

1. Unpack the magazine files and separate the outer one from the inner one (one pair consists of one small magazine file that just fits inside the bigger one).
2. Drill 4 holes holes in the bottom of each magazine holder (or enlarge the existing holes).
3. Drill 2 holes in the front of 6 of them (4 outer and 2 inner files).
4. Assemble the 4 outer files in the shape of a diamond using 12 pairs of Bolts, nuts and washers.
5. Assemble the inner files in the shape of a arrow using 10 pairs of bolts, nuts and washers with 5 extra washes between two of the fronts.
6. Cut a pieces of MDF in the diamond shape 4 cm from the bottom edge. The MDF piece should have a 60 degree edge.
7. Cut another piece of MDF 4 cm from the bottom edge at the apex and the sides and 15 cm from the back side.
8. Fasten the MDF pieces on the magazine holders using the carpet tape.
9. Unpack and assemble the two SVENERIK stools.
10. Cut a 90 degree 8 cm deep recess in the seat of one of the stools. It should have a 60 degree ankle opposed of the MDF piece (see picture 3).
11. From underneath screw the seat of the stools onto the MDF boards, that is fastened to the magazine holders (the one with the recess should be attached to the arrow shaped one with the recess following the shape).
– And there you go. An adjustable KVISSLE coffee table!

KNUFF transformable coffee table

Jules Yap