Detachable crib top changing table on Gulliver crib

In our little apartment we fight for every inch of space. I had to use our dining table as a changing table (I know, yuck..).

Otherwise I would have to move both twin girls into another room to change diaper for one and risk waking up the other twin.

That is why I came up with an idea for a crib top changing table attached to the Gulliver crib. Detachable crib top changing table on Gulliver crib


Over crib top changing table is very simple.

We just took wide enough board and fastened it to the crib using two Z shaped “gizmos”.

We used FIXA felt pads to protect the crib from scratches. This way it is steady enough but can be easily removed when needed.

Detachable crib top changing table on Gulliver cribDetach and store the crib top changing table when not in use.
Detachable crib top changing table on Gulliver crib

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