Small contemporary desk with clear top


Materials: 2 Faktum wall cabinets (30 x 70), 2 Rubrik glass doors, 2 sets of 2 Integral hinges, Rationell glass shelves (30 x 35)

This desk is designed to take up as little actual space and as little visual space as possible.

I used 2 Faktum wall cabinets to create a small desk with interior storage. I assembled the cabinets according to the directions, and added Rubrik glass doors, placing hinges on the exterior side of each door.

The smallest possible desktop that accommodated our chair (a replica Philippe Starck Ghost armchair) was 40 x 118 cm. We added inexpensive stick-on cabinet lighting, Rationell glass shelves and the chair to complete the look.

Note on desk top materials:
For a clear top you can use either glass or lucite (lexan). While glass is less expensive than lexan, it is heavy and breakable. The disadvantage to lexan are cost and its tendency to scratch. If you do choose a lexan top, I would suggest you use the thickest top you can afford to add visual weight to the top of the desk.