Desk shelf with lighting



I’ve been browsing Ikea Hackers for quite a while now for inspiration. Just recently, I moved into a new apartment and it got me thinking about how to improve my desk set-up. I’m usually very messy with my desk and I wanted more space so that I could organize everything better. I’ve seen a few hacks with elevated shelves for their desk to put audio speakers or their monitor screen. I really loved those hacks, so I went to Ikea to pick up a shelf and CAPITA legs.

dsc_0245 dsc_0248 dsc_0249

While there, I wanted to pick up a new lamp for my desk. Fortunately for me, the INREDA LED light strip was on sale. At that point, the idea went from a simple shelf to one with a library style desk light.

I went home and drilled in the bases of the CAPITA legs. They can’t be secured with screws to your original desk, but I drilled those screws into the underside of the shelf. After that, I installed the strip light on the underside front edge which was also very simple.

All in all, the project cost me around $45.
CAPITA 4 3/8″: $15
INREDA (On sale): $15