HENRIKSDAL Chair and a can of spray paint


Materials: HENRIKSDAL Chair

I have a HENRIKSDAL chair that I use at my desk which means all you ever see is the back of the chair. I figured this was a blank canvas in need of some art.

I wanted to do a geometric design on the back and since I have the short slipcover add a dipped look to the legs of the chair. I knew spray paint would work best for the legs and I wanted them to match the slipcover. I got the bright idea to paint my slipcover right on the chair using the same spray paint. YES, you can use spray paint on fabric. Better yet, since its fast drying and goes on in light layers it will not bleed out on the fabric. It will also not bleed through so you can paint the slipcover while it is still on the chair.

DSC05743 DSC05755 DSC05759

1. Using painters tape mask off you design.
2. Mask of the rest of the chair. Make sure you tape off everything.
3. Spray paint chair and slipcover (fabric can be painted using the same technique as all other areas)
4. Let dry and remove all masking and tape.
5. Enjoy your new chair design!

More photos and details can be found here.