Movable Expedit Standing Desk with Storage

expedit standing desk2

Materials: Expedit 5×5 Bookshelf, Expedit cabinets and drawers, Expedit Casters (4 sets), Frosted glass panel

I saw this hack on a website previously about small space living and added a few touches of my own. Link here.

Only changes I made were:

1. Added frosted glass topper
2. The shelf what was not built in I placed on top of the level that will become the standing desk platform. Help give it a more substantial feel.
3. For lighting I bought an LED desk lamp but just hung it from the top (that way you do not have to drill holes and the desk is still clear for other items)
4. The top I have some picture frames from Kohl’s but drilled on some lighting to give it emphasis on future pictures I add (these are the stock photo’s)

Hope you guys enjoy! I have a few more hacks I will post in the coming weeks.