Faktum Kitchen Peninsula


Materials: Faktum Base Cabinet, Gerton Adjustable leg, Pragel worktop

I bought a Pragel kitchen top from the ‘As-Is’ section that saved me a great deal lot. I used a jigsaw to saw away the bad part of the worktop.

The cabinet is actually a Faktum kitchen base cabinet. I added planks below the cabinet to form a plinth – to raise the cabinet 18mm so that the cabinet door will not rub against the floor.




The back of the Faktum base cabinet is of unfinished MDF. I used strong glue to put the back board. The back of Faktum cabinets are non-laminated MDF, so I got some white laminate foil to cover up the unfinished mdf.

I then mounted the worktop on the top of the base cabinet and installed an adjustable leg on the worktop.

The peninsular now functions as a small dining table with storage. Fit 3 persons comfortably.

Jules Yap