Top kitchen cabinets made into a kitchen island

20140929_115900 20140929_120037

This is my IKEA hack. 6 top cabinets to make 1 kitchen island.

I used 6 standard top cabinets and screwed them together on the inside back to back. For some extra support we also screwed some 4 by 4’s across the bottom. We put a multiplex plate over the top screwed it to the cabinets (for yet more stability of the whole) of the cabinets and embellished it with mosaic, which we protected with a glass plate and put some wood molding over it all.

20140929_115921 20140929_120017

One of the cabinets on one side is my waste basket. It’s FILUR but without the lid and we had to saw off the rim to make it fit in the cabinet.

One of the cabinets on the other side is for recyling plastic (we have special bags for this in Belgium) I just screwed in some hooks to keep it in place.

20140929_115944  20140929_120026

The other 4 cabinets, with different interiors give me enough storage space for various kitchen supplies.


While the one short end of the island holds a bar for holding towels, (these aren’t sold anymore by now but the FINTORP bar would work just fine too) see the first picture. The other end holds a little stepladder for reaching the top of my kitchen cabinets, I have a very high kitchen.

Sorry that I don’t have any in progress photo’s for this. This project is a few years old by now and still serving well for my needs. But since I found a really nice idea for my bathroom thanks to this site. I thought I’d share my hack with you anyway 😀