Turning Besta shelf unit into a contemporary modern nightstand

besta night stand2b

Materials: BESTA shelf unit

I had 2 BESTA shelf units with no use since I moved from a smaller house. So, I decided to add 4 hairpin legs and a 3-foot led strip to turn these units into lightning nightstands. Is easy as 123.

Bought 8 hairping legs on eBay for $96 and 2 led light strips for $10, also from eBay. Then I screwed the legs using M8-1.25 x 20 screws to attach it to the shelf unit.

besta night stand1a

To finalize, I placed the led strip on the bottom of the shelf unit and that’s it. Two contemporary modern lighting nightstand for less than $150 each!

besta night stand3a besta night stand4a