EXPEDIT Shoe Display


Materials: Dioder LEDs, Expedit bookcase, Kallax wheels, Variera shelfs

I decided to display my sneakers using all IKEA products. I manage to rack up a few pairs and was running out of room to store. Using an Expedit bookcase already on hand, purchased in the “As Is” section, and a few other IKEA items managed to pull off a great display. Not only does it serve as shoe bookshelf but it’s also serves as a room divider in my small apartment. Adding the rolling wheels was important to easily move around the room. The LED wires are all tucked in along the corners of each shelf and ran to the back on the bookcase. The power supply box for each LED is screw on to a 2x4and mounted at the bottom of the case.


What took a while to figure out was the shelf insert. I had the IKEA $20 shoe inserts, now discontinued and were very expensive anyway. I would visit the site for ideas. Managed to find custom built ones and others fabricated using IKEA parts. I did not want to drill into the case or have hinges and bolts exposed. I found the Variera shelf used in IKEA catalog and after a few measurements for confirmation I rushed to the store. It worked great and the display case came together. I’m out of space already, will need to upgrade to a larger 5×5 Expedit shelf soon.