Folding Whiteboard Work Table


When folded up against the wall (and secured by a magnet) the table bottom is a whiteboard. When folded down, it’s a work table.


1 – LINNMON table top
2 – ADILS legs
1 – 3″ cup maget
3 – Large hinges (door hinges work well)
10 – Wall anchors and matching screws with flat heads
9 – 1.25″ #10 machine screws with flat heads
5 – 1.5″ #10 machine screws with pan heads
14 – #10 nylon insert lock nuts
Whiteboard paint

1. Install the leg.
a. Drill 5 holes in the middle of one end of the table top.
b. Create a 1.5″ hole or recession on the top of the table top in the center of the 5 drilled holes.
c. Use the 5 pan head screws and 5 of the lock nuts to attach the two round pieces of the ADILS legs to the table top. Each round piece has a bulge/recession in the middle. The piece on the top of the table top should have the recession showing while the piece on the bottom should have the bulge showing.
d. Screw one of the ADILS legs into the bottom round piece.

2. Attach the other end of the table top to the wall using the hinges.
a. Attach the 3 hinges to the top of the table top opposite the installed leg using the 9 flat-head screws and 9 lock nuts.
b. Make sure the table top is level and mark holes on the wall to attach the hinges.
c. Drill the holes into the wall and install the anchors.
d. Line up the hinges with the holes and screw the screws through the hinges into the wall anchors.

DSC02638  DSC02640

3. Install the magnet.
a. Put the table up against the wall and mark where the magnet will meet the round ADILS piece installed on the top of the table.


b. Drill a hole and install an anchor in the wall.
c. Install the cup magnet to the anchor using a matching bolt.


4. Test it! Attach the ADILS leg when you put the table down and remove it when you put the table up.
5. Paint the bottom of the table with whiteboard paint.


1. Paint the parts to match the table top (I painted everything white).
2. Install the hooks parts from an ironing board hanger to the bottom of the table to hold the ADILS leg with the table is up against the wall (see photo).