How to make a Star Wars Inspired Desk

Star Wars Desk IKEA hack

We love Star Wars inspired IKEA hacks, the most famous of them being the Death Star lamp hack. Personal favorites are the R2D2 dresser and this hack for displaying Star War action figures.

But they may soon be overtaken by an IKEA desk hack by Glen Vivaris of Glen Makes.

Filmmaker/Lunar Landscaper Glen recycled an old desk from IKEA into a Star Wars inspired workbench. Probably just like one you’ll find in an old workshop on the planet of Hoth or Kamino.

Star Wars desk from old IKEA desk. Greebles on the drawer front.
Glen Makes | Youtube

He says, “I found an old IKEA table on FB Market that had a good shape so I turned it into a Hoth / Kamino inspired workbench /esd table.”

This is how the desk looks before the Star Wars hack. Recognise it?

Old IKEA one drawer desk
Glen Makes | Youtube

Glen does not provide a name for the desk and I’ve not seen such a desk at IKEA. It’s highly possible the hairpin-like legs were a later addition. If you know the name of this single drawer desk, let me know. If you’re thinking of making your own Star Wars workbench, the ALEX desk is a possible candidate.

Origin aside, the hack is fabulous.

Star Wars Inspired Desk Hack

First, Glen moves the runner to recess the drawer. He then sands down the veneer on the drawer front and proceeds to arrange a whole lot of 3D printed greeblies on it. (Or should it be greebles? Star Wars experts, help me out here.)

Arrange and affix greeblies IKEA Star Wars Desk hack
Glen Makes | Youtube

Next, the detailing. After a few coats of spray paint, he ages the parts with darker shades of gray to produce a weathered, dusty hue. The color of Star Wars, seriously.

Weathering the drawer panel - IKEA Star Wars Desk hack
Glen Makes | Youtube

The hairpin legs were removed and a new set of metal legs attached. Glen spray painted the black legs and added a few extra details for effect. Glen also built in a power strip tower and installs a vaguely Kaminoan lamp, as he calls it, onto the table top.

Accessorize with, idk, a levitating Mandalorian ship and the Star Wars desk is complete. Watch a video of the build process.