My Ramvik Arcade Table with Lift and Lock table top

my_ramvik_open my_ramvik_top2

Inspired by a few notable hacks of this kind over the years, I spent 10 months taking a used Ikea Ramvik coffee table and making it into the functioning arcade table of my dreams. I know this has been done many times before and with tables of all shapes and sizes but the items that set mine apart apart are:

my_ramvik_side My_ramvik_top

1) I added mechanisms that allow the table top to rise up and lock into position. This allows access to the insides and also provides a convenient way for to eat in front of the TV!

2) The power cord is retractable! I know my wife especially loves this since it means that unattractive gray cable does stick out like a sore thumb and always threaten to trip everyone up

3) I have an external power outlet installed underneath the TV for plugging in other devices including USB devices

4) LED bling! I added lighting underneath

5) Bluetooth controllers are mounted on the inside for easy access

I still have more spit and polish to add but I’m extremely happy with the end results. I also chronicled my progress this year on my tumblr.