Lack, slanted face-up 6U 19″ equipment rack for $39


Materials: Lack side table with coasters, Rill casters

Looking for affordable equipment rack solutions for my recording studio, I came across the famous “lackrack” that utilizes the basic lack side table.

However I wanted to make a face-up rack with a delicate slant if possible. I also was hoping to make it better-looking than the lackrack. I discovered that also the slightly different Lack side table with casters was the perfect size to hold 19″ equipment.

The rack is very easy to make.

1. Build the table from the manual, but don’t attach the wheels just yet.

2. Attach two small wheels (that came with the table) to the front end of the lack, on the side with the laminate finish.


3. Attach the two large Rill wheels on the other side with the cardboard facing.

4. Lift the rack upwards, and you’re good to go! When you put in the rack equipment, you’ll notice that the rack ears fall perfectly on the thick sides of the rack.

I think it’s even better that there’s no rails, since the servicing of the rack is much faster this way.

You could also attach the wheels to the bottom of the table and make it a normal slanted rack, and even stack two tables on top of each other.