Wall Bookshelves with IKEA RAST drawer base

I have always wanted built-in wall bookshelves. I had intended to do the typical BILLY built-in bookshelves, but decided I wanted some closed storage and a bit more detail.

I got on the IKEA website and found the RAST 3-drawer chest. Just what I needed for the base of my wall bookshelves.

New Shelves 1 (1)

Materials for wall bookshelves:
  • Two RAST 3-drawer chests
  • Lumber: 1 x 12′, 1 x 10′, 1 x 2′, 1 x 3′
  • Pine boards
  • Beadboard
  • Knobs

First, I made a small base out of 1×3’s for the chests to sit on.

After building the chests, I built a small shelf out of 1×12’s to span the gap between them. I screwed everything together and secured the entire unit to the wall.

Base of Bookshelves

I made a new top for the base out of stained 1×3 pine boards.

Then, I made the top unit out of 1×10′s and trimmed it out with 1×2’s and 1×3’s.

Lastly, I dressed it up with a little bead board for good measure and added new hardware on the chests.

After all that and a few coats of paint, I have a beautiful new built-in wall bookshelves with storage that is functional and takes up very little space in my small 10×12 room.

~ by Shannon

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