Adding color to a Billy bookcase

BILLY color light bookcase

With a white Billy bookcase, cut holes in the shelfs and pieces to accommodate cords. Strung a Dioder (the color changing controller with four light strips) on the top of each shelf. Hid the light strips and cords with Montera cable hiding strips. Additional mounting/cable management hardware came from the Fixa set. Finished with two Morliden glass doors on the front. The light color can be changed on each shelf. Bookcase has been secured to the wall with a drywall anchor. Cords and the power strip will be hidden by the books. (I used a Belkin power strip instead of an Ikea power strip because I needed one with a low profile plug to fit behind the bookcase.)

Billy bookcase (white) $59.99
2x Morliden doors $70.00
6x Dioder light sets $119.94
2x Montera $13.98
1x Fixa cable management set $4.99
1x Belkin power strip $12.00

Total cost: $280.90