From dresser to bed drawers

bed drawers

Recycle your old Leksvik dresser and make some new under bed drawers for your bedroom.

1. First, I pulled out the two large drawers of my dresser and measured whether these would fit under my bed. Unfortunately, the larger one of the two was too high, so I had to unpack my circular saw. First I sawed off about 2,4 inches from the top of the drawer…

2. … and then I glued this part of the bigger drawer on top of the second drawer. I did this to adjust the height of the smaller drawer so that both of them would look the same height. Then I unscrewed the handles on the drawers and painted both drawers white.

3. Now I only had to paint the handles light gray and screw them back on. At last I glued felt to the bottom of the drawers so that I can pull them out without scratching my floor and then I was finally able to fill my new my bed drawers! Yay!

You can check out the whole tutorial here (English and German).

Jules Yap