Ceiling lights for a small room? A classic to the rescue

ceiling lights adjustable work lamp

I’ve seen quite a few very nice ceiling lights made from the TERTIAL work lamp, such as:

This TERTIAL chandelier

IKEA TERTIAL Ceiling Lights

A Dear Ingo Modern Chandelier

IKEA TERTIAL Ceiling Lights

And this Dear Ingo Inspired Chandelier

IKEA TERTIAL Ceiling Lights

I made an alternative version with 6 lamps for a smaller room.

Tertial work lamp


IKEA TERTIAL Ceiling Lights Construction:

If required, shorten the ADILS leg with a hacksaw. (I reduced it to 50 cm, which is an absolute minimum).

Drill a hole of about 8mm at the lower end (cable entry) and drill through the leg at the top (for hanging).

Tertial lamp arrangement

Remove the rotating part of the SNUDDA and mount the ADILS leg in the centre.

Clamping the TERTIAL

Screw on the TERTIAL table-clamps, a little off the edge of the SNUDDA disc.

Cut off the switches of the lamps and strip the wire.

Connect the wires with a connector. I’ve put three lamps on one connector. Then, I slid the wires coming from the connectors through the ADILS leg and joined them near the ceiling.

Stablising the ceiling lights

When I fitting the lamp to the ceiling I noticed that all the lamps were swinging to one side. They were bunching together, so I needed to stabilise the lamps to prevent them from swinging and turning.

Conveniently there is a small hole in the table-clamp and a slit in the pin that fits in the clamp. You can fasten the lamp by just drilling a screw through the hole and the slit, but it works better when you put in a thick rubber band (I guess it will also work with a small cork, a piece of wood, some silicone or glue) and fix it with a screw and metal ring.

I fitted the lamp to an eye screw on the ceiling with a nut and bolt going through the ADILS leg.

Attaching the wires
Covering the cables

As I wanted to cover up the electricals near the ceiling, I happened to stumble upon a food processor part that I didn’t need anymore and had the exact diameter.

I held it in place with ordinary hairbands. Another option was to use a plastic pot of some sort and drill a hole in the bottom with the diameter of the ADILS leg.

IKEA TERTIAL Ceiling Lights

The ceiling lights are fitted with RYET LED-lamps of 1000 lumen which is really bright.

Good luck on your build!

~ by David L.

Jules Yap