Stylish LACK and BESTA bookshelf

bookshelf ideas

Materials: 2 x BESTÅ Wall shelf (190 x 26 x 5 cm – 502.821.82), 1 x BESTÅ Wall shelf (110 x 26 x 5 cm – 902.821.80), 1 x BESTÅ LAXVIKEN door (60 x 38 cm – 502.780.24), 1 x BESTÅ VARA door (60 x 38 cm – 102.778.75), 4 x Steel hinges

We were in need of a bookshelf for our new house, but we didn’t want something too classic/boring.

After some family brainstorming, we realized that a hanging bookshelf would have been the best pick to use the free space on the wall without moving any furniture.

I started from the idea of using just the LACK shelves, but I didn’t want the structure to look too plain, so I started tilting the shelves left and right to create some movement, but I still wasn’t fully satisfied.

Then the idea of using the BESTÅ doors to insert some geometric complements and some color hit my mind.


It is pretty simple to create this project, all you have to do it so use 2 x Steel hinges to attach the BESTÅ doors to the LACK edges.


Of course you need to be careful with the shelves positioning, the vertical distance between the two shelves has to cover the size of the front door (which is 38 cm).

Each LACK shelf is 5 cm deep, so you’ll have to keep 28 cm between the shelves for the structure to look good.

If you want, you can add some magnets to the bottom shelves to keep the doors perfectly closed (but gravity will be just fine).

We really hope you will like our small creation, we love it, and our cat loves it too!

bookshelf ideas

By Andrea Guarnaccia

Jules Yap