The EKBY VALTER bracket lamp

EKBY VALTER bracket lamp

1 – With a drill and two scrap of wood I made the support for the EKÅS lampshade and the wooden plate that covers the hole in the wall.

2 – I glued the support on the EKBY VALTER, paying attention to match the existing hole on the EKBY VALTER with the inner hole on the support.

3 – I passed the electric cable HEMMA inside the support and I wrapped it around EKBY VALTER (just because I like it). The HEMMA’s socket stays vertical thanks to the perfect fitting with the support, but I glued it just to make it more stable.

4 – I passed the electric cable inside the wooden plate and joined it with the terminals.

5 – I fixed the EKBY VALTER and the wooden plate on the wall. Finished.




~ Eder Staffolani